BCTC plans to perform show with new COVID-19 guidelines

Katelynn Singleton, Campus Carrier staff writer

After being forced to cancel last year’s production just weeks before opening night, the Berry College Theatre Company (BCTC) will present Tartuffe on Oct. 11, 2020. The production will be live-streamed, and actors will be following the Berry and CDC guidelines in regards to COVID-19 protocols in order to remain safe.

Actors will be required to wear masks that have clear windows sewn into them so that the audience can see their mouths, and will be three feet away from each other when onstage. Actors will also be wearing microphones to help the audience hear them better. Assistant professor of theatre Anna Filippo, director of Tartuffe, explains that they will be trying to use fabric from the costumes to make the masks in an effort to help them blend in.

“It is a huge challenge but everybody seems up to it, because I think so many students are excited about being back,” Filippo said.

Senior Madison VandenOever, who plays the character Elmire in the production, explains some of the changes that she has to get used to.

“Originally my part in particular had a lot of physical contact, so I know that all that is probably going to have to be changed,” VandenOever said.

The play will be filmed over the span of a week with help from Viking Fusion. Scenes will be filmed out of order, Filippo said, in order to limit the number of actors in the theatre at a time. 

“If someone is going to get into makeup, wig, costume then we want to make sure that they’re here and they film several of the scenes, so that they’re not just called in for a very brief scene and they had two hours of hair and makeup to get into.” Filippo said

Audiences will not be allowed into the theatre, and instead will be able to log into a streaming service to watch the show. Viewers will be able to watch the show at any point during their day through this streaming service. In the past, Filippo said shows were at specific times, thus limiting who could come based on their availability. Now, BCTC hopes that more people will be able to enjoy the show.

After months of quarantining, many actors are glad to be back. Even with new additions to the cast and changes to blocking, actors are ready to be back on stage. 

“I’m so thankful we get to do it, it just felt so good to read lines again,” VandenOever said.

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