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After being sent home following the closure of campus last semester, Steven Hudson, sophomore, and his friend Camden Wooden, a high school senior, began a sports podcast, titled “Real Talk with Steven and Cam.” They currently have five episodes that vary between 25 minutes to an hour in length. On the podcast, they discuss topics such as the NBA Bubble and the Washington Redskins name change. 

Hudson, said that he and Wooden had been talking about starting a podcast throughout high school, and after the shelter in place order began, they finally decided to act on it. Part of the reason they wanted to start a podcast now was to add to their resumes. Wooden is currently a high school senior, and was getting ready to apply to colleges when they began the podcast. They both have plans to continue the podcast even after the college application season and COVID-19 have passed. 

“We want to see how much this can grow,” said Hudson. 

Due to COVID-19 regulations, and the fact that the two live far apart, Hudson and Wooden haven’t been able to meet in person to record for most of their episodes. However, that hasn’t stopped them. Hudson says that he FaceTimes Wooden on his phone, places his phone close to the microphone and records both of their audio lines using an application on his computer. With a little bit of editing post-production, the audio is clear for both speakers and they can upload their finished product.  

“We want to make sure we’re being safe with what we’re doing,” said Hudson. 

When they began the podcast in July, sports were beginning to start again. Even without games being played, there were contract agreements and agent signings to discuss. There were talks about the NBA Bubble, which was scheduled to start the week after the first episode was released. 

Hudson said that although the podcast is centered around sports, they aren’t afraid to talk about social issues. They began their show one month after the Black Lives Matter protests that occurred across the country. Their second episode is dedicated entirely to the Washington Redskins, and their decision to change the name to the Washington Football Team.  

“A lot of things can spur from sports,” says Hudson. 

Hudson and Wooden are currently published on the Anchor FM app, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. They also post clips of their show on their Instagram, @realtalk_wsc.  

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