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Located in downtown Rome on Broad Street, Jamwich provides a collection of sandwiches, salads and even chilis. According to their online menu, found at getjamwiched.com, each item is paired with a specialty homemade jam or jelly intended to complement the food’s classic flavors. For example, the “BLT Jam,” a spin on the traditional BLT sandwich, is partnered with a mayonnaise tomato jam.  

While many people think that eating with dietary restrictions can result in a bland diet, Jamwich offers vegans, vegetarians and people with gluten-free diets some sandwiches and, of course, salads. If craving a sandwich, make sure to ask for their gluten-free bread since most are served on sourdough. If craving a salad, the menu states that the restaurant sources their hydroponic lettuce, grown in nutrient-filled water, from local vendors.  

Since salads can become tiring on a vegan and vegetarian diet, do not be afraid to call the restaurant to ask about their food options. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., your dine-in or takeout order does not require you standing in front of a menu for five minutes trying to figure out what you can or cannot eat.  

Dos Bros Fresh Mexican Grill 

Dos Bros is an opportunity to finally get that burrito or taco you have been craving. Sporting a variety of foods that vegans and vegetarians can choose from like flour and corn tortillas, spicy tofu and guacamole, the restaurant provides an ample amount of ingredients to build your plate.  

Their online menu, found at dosbros.com has an allergen chart which depicts which foods are available to certain dietary restrictions like lactose intolerance, wheat and gluten-free items and sulphites. Starting simple, the chart shows that sour cream, cheese, queso and jalapeño ranch all contain milk. Additionally, vegetarians can eat the milk products but vegans cannot, depending on diet.  

The online and in-person menus also provide visual keys next to foods that are suitable to gluten-free diets, vegan and vegetarian. Just scan the menu to find which key applies to you and begin ordering. When you check out, do not forget to show your Berry student I.D. card, as you might receive a student discount on your food! 

Harvest Moon Cafe 

In the heart of Broad Street, Harvest Moon Cafe boasts unique, gourmet foods to accommodate all sorts of flavor palettes and preferences. For vegetarians especially, the restaurant offers a variety of choices during Sunday brunch and dinner. 

According to their online menu, myharvestmooncafe.com, there are plenty of lunch and dinner vegetarian-friendly choices. Marked by a small leaf, some foods include the hot-wicked pimina cheese dip, fried green tomatoes and the fried zucchini and squash. For those wanting a hearty salad to munch on, there are many options. Packed with vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheeses and grains, these wholesome greens can spice up any ordinary meal.  

Harvest Moon Cafe also specializes in an ample black bean burger that is decorated with vegetables and house-made sauces. Additionally, every available side option is vegetarian-friendly.  

The cafe’s popular Sunday brunch also offers many of the same options as previously mentioned in the regular menu but adds on options like grit bowls, biscuits and specialty French toast. Harvest Moon Cafe is open for both takeout and dine-in every day of the week – be sure to ask for the Berry student discount since the dishes can be a bit pricey! 

Jerusalem Grill 

Found in a small building on Turner McCall Boulevard, Jerusalem Grill provides great options for vegetarians and vegans alike. Patrons can choose from a wide variety of authentic Mediterranean food and traditional favorites.  

On the online menu found on dinnerdeliveredrome.com, vegetarian and vegan options span across a diverse menu. The menu first offers small side options like hummus, ganoosh (roasted eggplant with herbs and tahini), dolmas (grape leaves rolled in rice, vegetables, broth and spices) and salads. For those looking for a more complete meal, there is also lentil soup, taboola salad, sandwiches and a variety of falafels (fried chickpea and bean fritters).  Unlike other restaurants where a salad is the only vegetarian or vegan option available, Jerusalem Grill serves traditional recipes with an assortment of unique spices, sauces and flavors. The restaurant offers takeout and dine-in options every day of the week. So, when you visit, make sure to ask about the Berry student discount for a percentage off your order. 

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