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WOOD you believe it? Get to know Berry’s notable trees 

Berry College’s Arboretum and Tree Walk are unique features on campus, providing guests with an opportunity to discover what specific trees thrive on college grounds. In 2014, an initiative was set in motion to take inventory of all Berry’s trees.

Raising awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month 

In the United States, April represents National Child Abuse Prevention Month (NCAPM). According to, NCAPM “recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse and neglect.” In turn, the community collaboration, available services and public support help protect children and teens, build thriving families, said. 

“She’s all that:” honoring women in Berry’s history

Arielle Fischer, Campus Carrier features editor José Reyes, Campus Carrier asst. features editor Every March is considered National Women’s History Month in the US, honoring the contributions of women in history and modern society. At […]

Don’t let spring allergies blow you away: rating common medications

Arielle Fischer, features editor  José Reyes, asst. features editor  Spring allergies are in full swing. Every year, people suffer from symptoms like a stuffy nose, sore throat or itchy eyes in reaction to pollens and […]

Spring Market sparks new businesses on campus

The Spring Market will be on March 19, and student businesses have plans to sell items. While some businesses are part of the entrepreneurship program at Berry, others are capstone projects or just for fun.

Martha Berry Hwy one of most dangerous roadways in county

Floyd County Police data shows 200 traffic accidents occurred on Martha Berry Hwy last year, making it second only to Alabama Hwy in crash rate. This data emerges as Berry College Police crack down on on-campus speeding this semester.

Intercultural Center hosts week-long opening celebration

Peter Merril, deputy news editor Meredith Stafford, staff writer The Intercultural Center (ICC) opened its doors Monday Feb. 21 in the downstairs hall of Krannert. This week, the ICC has hosted an event each night, […]

Speaking from the heart: staying healthy during American Heart Month 

The United States recognizes American Heart Month, throughout February, as a time to reflect on personal heart health and educate others about the importance of cardiovascular wellness. As a critical organ, the heart needs to be healthy and in shape to keep the body functioning.

The Intercultural Center Murals

The Student Diversity Initiatives office did a number of renovations to the new Intercultural Center (ICC).

Hiding history: professors speak on the banning of critical race theory in schools

“Multiculturalism,” “systemic racism,” “woke,” “white privilege,” “social justice” and “equity” are some of the words set to be banned in public school districts by the Wisconsin legislature, according to Forbes magazine writer Peter Greene. Across the United States, conservative governments have threatened to restrict the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) and all discussions of systemic racism within public and private schools.