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Orgullo Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Orgullo is a student-led club that seeks to educate the Berry community about the culture, politics and realities of Hispanic communities.

Concert Los Valientes unveiled themes of social justice

Rosemary Chesney, arts and living editor On Thursday Sept. 15, Core Ensemble presented Los Valientes by Jose Cruz Gonzalez, a chamber music theatre production featuring a solo actor, David Perez-Ribada. Perez-Ribada played three Hispanic historical figures. Despite […]

Peer Wellness Coaches: Your New Best Friend

Reese Chatman, Campus Carrier features editor As the school year finally comes into full swing, so do the homework pile-up, exams and range of negative emotions as a result of those things. However, one does […]

To mask or not to mask?

In this week’s features issue, the Carrier is seeking to take a glimpse into both sides of the mask debate and find any sort of common ground.

Berry Students Share Their Musical Preferences

For this week’s issue, we asked Berry students what their favorite music genre, artist, and song is and why.

Berry Welcomes Newest Additions to Viking Family

As the 2022-2023 school year commences, Berry welcomes about 600 first-year students on campus.

Explore Rome, your brand new home

Sam Askew, Campus Carrier managing editor Hanging Out Whether you are looking for a chill, quiet environment or a loud, exciting environment, we have you covered. Rome is known for its many places to kick […]

WOOD you believe it? Get to know Berry’s notable trees 

Berry College’s Arboretum and Tree Walk are unique features on campus, providing guests with an opportunity to discover what specific trees thrive on college grounds. In 2014, an initiative was set in motion to take inventory of all Berry’s trees.

Raising awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month 

In the United States, April represents National Child Abuse Prevention Month (NCAPM). According to, NCAPM “recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse and neglect.” In turn, the community collaboration, available services and public support help protect children and teens, build thriving families, said.