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Passion Conference 2022: positives and negatives

o kickstart 2022, nearly 60,000 young adults gathered in the Mercedes- Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta to partake in an event known as the Passion Conference.

Celebrating beyond Christmas: winter holidays in different cultures

Arielle Fischer, features editor Hanukkah  Hanukkah is a traditional Jewish celebration that represents faith and freedom. The eight days of Hanukkah are symbolic of the eight days of candlelight the temple was blessed with following […]

New mask policy sparks diverging COVID-19 rules

On November 5, Berry’s Office of the President removed the general mask requirement on campus, citing decreased COVID-19 rates. The new policy allows faculty and staff to require masks in their own workspaces, leading to mask-required and mask-optional zones around Berry.

Reflecting a year after the 2020 election

It has been just over a year since the 2020 election between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Crime on campus: investigating offences in the Berry community

2020 brought several adjustments to life at Berry, such as mask mandates, Zoom classes and “Berry Bubble” restrictions. Throughout 2020, Berry also experienced a significant decrease in crimes committed both on-campus and off-campus by students, according to the 2021 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

It’s all green to me: recognizing Vegan Month

November recognizes a plethora of groups and peoples; however, this month also represents Vegan and Vegetarian Month.

Creeps close to home: Berry’s frightening ghost stories

It’s no secret that Berry is home to quite a few spine-chilling ghost stories. Over the years, students and staff alike have experienced things they cannot quite explain in dorms, halls or even on Mountain Campus.

LGBTQ+ History Month reflecting on the past, present and future

LGBTQ+ History Month is important for all people to recognize, not just individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.

Six Ways To Get Involved In National Hispanic Heritage Month

Arielle Fischer, features editor Attend a Spanish Class or Lecture  A way to immerse oneself in Hispanic heritage, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month is to take part in a Spanish class or lecture at […]

Celebrating President Brigg’s 15 years of presidency

Since 2006, Berry has undergone vast changes in several aspects, including social life, diversity inclusion, infrastructure, sports affiliations and vast renovations. All of these achievements were initiated and completed under the authority of Berry’s President Steve Briggs.