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This summer the townhouses will undergo renovations. The renovations start May 10 and should be done by the end of the summer, with a scheduled completion date of around Aug. 1. These will be the first major renovations on the townhouses since they were built. The renovations will include the installation of new cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchens, new appliances and updated painting and new flooring. 

The renovations will provide a more contemporary look and feel to the kitchens and bathrooms in the townhouses. According to Lindsey Norman, dean of residence life, the current cabinets look old and have an outdated look to them. There will be updated appliances for efficiency, and new lighting fixtures will be installed. Changes that will not go unnoticed by students include new laminate flooring and the removal of dishwashers. 

Norman said that over the last several years, the carpets in the townhouse have become stained and dirty. When students come into the townhouses, they enter directly into a living area and track dirt and debris into their rooms. In other residence halls such as Dana Hall or Thomas Berry, students have to walk through hallways to get to their room, preventing a majority of dirt from getting into their room. 

“We realized that carpet isn’t a great solution when you’re going directly from outside to inside,” said Norman. 

In addition to new flooring, the townhouses will no longer have an installed dishwasher. Norman says one of two reasons the dishwashers will be removed is the amount of water they use. Another is that they require a lot of maintenance. Students wouldn’t know how to use them and would use the wrong amount or type of soap. Additionally, dishwashers can sit with water in them, which tends to attract pests. The dishwashers also take up a lot of room. Due to the removal of the dishwashers, the larger, six-person townhouses will have a two-sided sink installed for students to wash dishes. However, the four-person houses will not be able to have this sink due to the size of the kitchens. The renovations do not include tearing down walls, so counter space was prioritized.

“The layout of the townhouses is not changing at all,” said Norman.

Although the renovations do include new appliances and cabinets, the furniture in the spaces will not change. Norman says the furniture had recently been updated.

Students who are currently living in the townhouses are being asked to pay attention to the move-out deadlines. The move-out date for non-graduating students is May 5, and graduating seniors must check out by 6pm on May 8. The ability for students to stay past the move-out date is limited.

“We do have to get these units empty so that they can come in and start demo on day one,” Norman said.

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