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New restaurants in Rome are diversifying the food options available for Berry students. Eggs Up Grill, Fazoli’s and Honeycream Artisan Gelato recently opened this year. From first-year students to seniors, these new restaurants have qualities that make them perfect for Berry students.

Co-owners, Andy and Penny Wright, opened Eggs Up Grill on Mar. 15, 2021. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch items throughout their operational hours. Their menu is extremely broad ranging from waffles to steaks. Eggs Up Grill even offers 14 different ways to cook eggs. 

Eggs Up Grill is located in the shopping center behind Texas Roadhouse, on Turner McCall Blvd. Mary Claire Stockebrand | Campus Carrier

Andy and Penny own another Eggs Up Grill in Canton, Ga., and one of them is at each restaurant every day. The pair feels that the DNA of the company and their DNA are similar and that allows them to represent those community values in the culture of their restaurants. At Eggs Up Grill, Andy and Penny have one main goal: doing everything in their power to make guests smile. 

“What that means is hot food, good tasting food, good friendly service and providing a clean hospitable environment,” Andy said. 

The number one selling menu item at Eggs Up Grill is The Classic: two eggs, grits or home fries and a meat. Andy has two preferred menu items. For a sweet option, he suggests the Three Little Deuces which includes pancakes, eggs and meat. As for a savory option, Andy recommends Hash Benedict, which comes with an English muffin, corn beef hash and two poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce.

Besides diverse menu options and good coffee, Eggs Up Grill offers a perfect environment for college students. During the weekdays, Andy suggests that the atmosphere of the restaurant is peaceful and offers a place to linger and study.

“It’s a great place to work, it’s a great place to eat and we look forward to serving you,” Andy said. 

As for COVID-19 precautions, employees at the restaurant are required to wear masks unless they are sitting at a table while no masks are required for guests. However, Andy has found that many guests are choosing to wear a mask until seated at a table.

While Eggs Up Grill opened earlier this year, Fazoli’s has only been open a little over a week; they opened Aug. 31, 2021. Franchisee Amit Patel believes that the restaurant will add flavor to Rome’s dining options tailored to students. 

It’s a value meal, you get a lot of food for your money, that’s for sure,” Patel said. 

Fazoli’s stands alone across from the Home Depot on Hicks Drive Southeast. Mary Claire Stockebrand | Campus Carrier

Fazoli’s is a fast casual concept of Italian food. Pasta is made fresh in house daily. While sitting inside there are unlimited bread sticks and they offer carry out and drive through options for speed and convenience. After being seated inside, food is out to the table in seven minutes, while drive-thru service provides food within five minutes. Fazoli’s even has an app that allows you to place orders for drive-thru and carryout while earning rewards.

Everything about Fazoli’s is designed for fast-paced people, like college students. Their service is designed to be quick, easy and, most importantly, delicious. Fazoli’s carry out containers keep food warmer for a longer period of time and make it easy to reheat to eat later. Patel believes that the quality of the freshly made pasta makes the dishes one-of-a-kind. 

There are three number one selling items at Fazoli’s: spaghetti and meatballs, fettuccini alfredo and baked lasagna. Of course, their breadsticks are beloved by all. Patel’s favorite menu item is the cinnamon breadsticks. Besides those, Fazoli’s has also partnered with the Cheesecake Factory to provide delicious desserts. The cheesecake offerings at the restaurant are seasonal, and pumpkin cheesecake is currently available for the fall.

While there is no mandatory mask mandate for customers, employees wear masks to ensure their safety and the safety of their customers. Patel wants to make sure everyone is comfortable while creating a safe environment.

Fazoli’s is made for a fast-paced lifestyle. However, Honeycream Artisan Gelato offers a place to relax and enjoy life. Co-owners Michael and Christie Meyer opened this artisan gelato joint on July 9, 2021. The pair believe that Downtown Rome is a treasure, and they wanted to add to all that downtown has to offer. Michael and Christie want Honeycream to be a slice of “la dolce vita,” or the good life. Their hope is that people come into their establishment to relax and enjoy being present in the moment. 

is located on 4 East Third Ave., off of Broad St. Mary Claire Stockebrand | Campus Carrier

“There are few things more elemental than you know sitting together, enjoying good food together as human beings,” Michael said.

According to Michael, each day he and Christie make the gelato fresh, with all natural ingredients that are organic and local whenever possible. He explained that gelato is churned slower than ice cream, has an overall silker texture, and is served warmer than ice cream. Not only does this aspect make the gelato experience different than most ice cream, but Michael also believes that artisan gelato is more special. 

“Gelato takes any flavor in my opinion and just brings it out, and makes it explode and makes it better,” Michael said.

The bestseller is A.M. Cookie Butter gelato. Although, he tends to lean towards nut flavors such as pistachio and hazelnut, Michael’s favorite flavor varies by day with each new flavor. The pair believe that the care and love they put into their product comes through in the experience they offer to customers. To give guests this one-of-a-kind experience of relaxation and enjoyment, Honeycream offers unlimited samples.

“We’re not just selling a cup of gelato here, and so we’re willing to give some more samples because we want people to have that experience,” Michael said. 

As for their COVID-19 policies, Honeycream is not mandating mask wearing, but understands that their space is small. They aim to make sure their customers are comfortable, and they offer outside seating to give guests options.

Rome has added a bit of spice to their restaurant offerings, and we hope Berry students will check out these delicious new options! 

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