A couple of weeks ago, on Nov. 5, several excited concertgoers attended the first night of the music festival Astroworld in Houston, Texas. This night quickly turned into a true nightmare after a large crowd began pushing toward the front of the stage, which caused a massive crowd surge, that resulted in hundreds of people injured, and, at the time of publication, 10 people died as a result of injuries sustained during the crowd surge according to the New York Times. The victims were very young, ranging in ages 9 to 27. 

Ths tragedy shouldn’t have happened. There is absolutely no reason for people being crushed to death at a concert. There is absolutely no reason for Scott to keep on performing as paramedics are arriving at the scene. People should not have to worry about the possibility of dying while watching their favorite performer. 

While some might feel that the blame shouldn’t be put on Scott and think that there was nothing he could have done to prevent the tragedy, video evidence from people at the concert that night suggests otherwise. While Scott didn’t tell people to start a crowd surge, he did nothing to stop it. Once again, loyal fans of Scott might come to his defense and argue that he couldn’t simply stop a concert or even go as far as to say that he didn’t notice what was going on; these claims can also be quickly rebutted. While it might seem unrealistic to think that a performer would stop a performance just because someone in the crowd fainted, singers like Harry Styles and Adele, who both have stopped their performance after someone in the crowd had a medical emergency, would beg to differ.

All Scott had to do was simply tell or motion for their band to stop playing, check to see if the person was alright and wait until the appropriate help came through before continuing their performance. As for those who take Scott’s word that he didn’t notice there had been casualties until the next day, video evidence from the TikTok user @djtimomusic again disproves his claims. First of all, Scott saw the ambulances come into the concert venue. He even commented on them. So there is no doubt that Scott was aware that something had gone amiss. In addition to him commenting on the ambulances, there is also a harrowing video posted by TikTok user @astroverse007 of a concertgoer climbing on stage, screaming, “stop the concert, there’s someone dead, there’s someone dead” over and over again to no avail. 

Following the screams there is no doubt that Scott knew that people had died during his performance but did not stop it. This resulted in more injuries and deaths. A simple word or motion to his band to stop and significantly less damage and heartbreak could have occurred. But, as it is known, Scott kept performing despite being screamed at, begged at, to stop. But he didn’t. He just kept performing and ignored people’s cries for help. And now, it’s safe to say that Scott has an enormous amount of blood on his hands. 

The following Monday after the concert, representatives for Scott announced that he would pay for all the funeral costs, according to the New York Times. While that is a nice gesture, it simply isn’t going to cut it. Scott needs to accept responsibility for what happened and admit what is already known-that he kept performing when he knew that people were dying at his concert. It’s the 21st century version of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns to the ground. 

Concerts can get loud. They can get crazy. They can get hot. The chance of someone passing out at any given concert is pretty big, maybe can even be expected and concertgoers know these risks. However, it’s foolish for someone to think that the people at the concert knew the risk of what they were getting into. If the 10 people that died at Astroworld thought of any risks of attending the music festival they would probably think of, maybe, getting a little overheated in a crowded space or not having a voice the next day. They definitely were not thinking about the possibility of being crushed to death as one of their favorite rappers ignored people’s cries for help and continued performing a song that some people never heard end. 

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