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Our View: A well-rounded education is worth it, no matter the extra requirements

Recently a tweet suggesting cutting the cost of college by cutting gen-ed classes made its rounds on social media.

Our View: Changes to LifeWorks mean changes to Berry’s core values

A few weeks ago, our Carrier adviser came to us, the editor-in-chief and managing editor, and asked for our help with budget cuts.

Our View: Xenophobia isn’t a side-effect of the coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China late last year, the global death toll has now risen to 1,770 and the global tally of diagnoses is 71,204.

Our View: Where instituions fail, celebrities are picking up the slack

Last week, our editorial board discussed the inequality and unfairness of the Academy. These judgements were based on nominations for this year, as well as years past. However, the 92nd Oscars took place this past […]

Our View: Award nominations should reflect industry diversity

An Academy Award, aka an Oscar, is the most prestigious award an artist in the film industry can take home. Yet year after year, when nominations are announced, backlash over who is up for what is inevitable.

Our View: Memes are an evolving and valid form of communication

In the past, online humor was typically reserved for comical and non-serious postings, but it has rapidly come to make up a large portion of conversations surrounding more intense topics online.

Our View: Celebrities should do good, no matter their motivations

Headlines have often highlighted the charitable donations of the elite and praised them for their generosity and good nature.

Our View: Substance abuse in the homeless community should not be stigmatized

In November, Berry student’s inboxes were filled with emails from Health Services promoting free HIV testing at the Health Center.

Our View: Substance abuse in the homeless community should not be stigmatized

Last week, while driving through Rome, I passed a homeless man standing on the side of the road.

Our View: TikTok is a creative and communal outlet for users

The age of social media-bred super stars is an interesting one.