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Holidays are too commercialized

Thanksgiving just passed, and the winter holidays are right around the corner. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more are fast approaching, and with them, the pressure to do a bunch of things that require spending money. […]

Students need more leisure time

College is perhaps one of the busiest times in a person’s life. Sure, classes themselves do not take a huge chunk of time out of a student’s day. A more extreme schedule would see maybe […]

YA literature should be in academics

Young adult literature consists of books written for people within the 12 to 20 age range that often depicts various experiences and challenges adolescents face as they grow older. However, adults outside of the intended […]

More summer classes are needed

Almost no college students want to take summer classes. Many students dread the mere possibility of having to take them. More often than not, summer classes are not enrolled in purely out of interest. Students […]

Extraterrestrials are bound to exist

There are estimated billions, maybe even trillions, of galaxies in the universe. In the Milky Way Galaxy alone, it is estimated that there are between 100 and 400 billion stars, each with its own set […]

The title of “elevated horror” must be changed

The term “elevated horror” first arose in the early 2010s and rose in popularity later in the decade. Elevated horror takes a more artistic approach to horror; these movies may still have jump scares, but […]

Printed papers are still important

The Digital Age began in the mid-twentieth century. Today’s college students are used to this era — they were born into it, never knowing anything else except a world of technology. Some of them started out with […]

Balanced levels of homework are necessary

Homework — a word every college student knows and dreads. Papers, videos, discussion cards, readings and every other variation of homework are what keep students up all hours of the night. All-nighters, early risings and late […]

Listening to audiobooks is a valid way to read

The merits of audiobooks versus physical books is a debate that has plagued the bookish community since the invention of audiobooks in 1932. The debate has grown as the popularity of audiobooks has increased, with […]

You are never too old to ask for assisstance

There is a stigma around asking for help, and this stigma has infiltrated college environments everywhere. After all, college is the first time the vast majority of students are away from home for the first […]