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Our View: Celebrate the holidays in alternate ways

The holiday season will undoubtedly look different amidst the current pandemic.

Our View: Appreciate alumni efforts in areas across campus

After giving their blood, sweat and tears for their undergraduate degree, countless numbers of Berry alumni decide to contribute even more.

Our View: Respect the election results regardless of your opinion

This past Tuesday was the presidential election. In close races, voters quickly become very passionate and opinionated as the results come in. This election is no different. Prior to the election, President Donald Trump stated […]

Our View: Election day should be a school holiday

On Nov. 3, Americans across the country will exercise their right to vote by going to the polls and participating in the 59th presidential election.

Our View: Graduate school application process is too costly

Many students at Berry are considering attending graduate and professional schools, and are beginning to make these decisions now.

Our View: Voting is a privilege and a right

Politics and voting can be intimidating and daunting.

Our View: Avoid stigmatizing people with COVID-19

It’s no secret that COVID-19 cases have grown recently here at Berry.

Our View: Find new music options outside of Tik Tok

TikTok is a social media app known for its short videos and audio clips. Recently, the sounds used by TikTok influencers have infiltrated radio stations and music charts. Whether the listener realizes it or not, […]

Our View: Celebrities cannot receive special treatment

Despite having fancy cars and extremely successful careers, celebrities are not free from the justice system of America.

Our View: Mental health must be a top priority

Suicide sneaks up on people. It creeps in the back door of someone’s mind and slowly consumes their thoughts. It overtakes the beautiful minds of unique people like a weed until the unthinkable happens.  The […]