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Students arrested and charged with Krannert robberies

On Apr. 17, then freshman students Dylan Stalzer and Davis Deloach were arrested and charged with various accounts of burglary.

Parasite mystery being studied on sheep, deer

Dr. George Gallagher, Dana professor of animal science, has conducted several research projects on the deer at Berry.

College Chapel moves service to Wednesdays

This semester, the usual Sunday night service at the College Chapel has moved from Sundays to every other Wednesday night.

Viking Fusion starts new broadcasting sports division

Viking Fusion created a new sports division team dedicated to live-broadcasting Berry sports games.

Angel Mason begins first year as Berry College Athletic Director

Learn about Angel Mason’s vision for competitive athletics at Berry as her first year as athletic director is underway.

‘The Best Of Humanity Has Just Come Out’ Berry Student Describes Hong Kong Protests

A Berry College senior provides his personal account of the Hong Kong protests.

New center fosters personal and professional growth

This semester, Berry is implementing a cross-departmental transition, combining Student Work and the Career Center into the Center for Personal and Professional Development.

Rome to run water pipe across Berry’s campus

The city of Rome is set to start construction of a water pipeline that will run beneath Berry’s campus within the next few weeks, with plans to finish by January 2020.

Berry student arrested for multiple counts of break-ins and vandalism

On Sunday, sophomore John Patrick Simpson, 19, was arrested by Berry Police on 20 different counts.

Rome Tennis Center wins national tennis facility award

This year, the United States Tennis Association (UTSA) named the Rome Tennis Center at Berry College the 2019 Outstanding Tennis Facility.