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Our View: Shutdown is doing more harm than good

Our nation entered a partial government shutdown at midnight on Dec. 21.

Our View: Hateful rhetoric can have scary consequences

In late October, more than a dozen Democrats and known critics of President Trump, including two former presidents, were the targets of explosives, mailed to them by a conservative extremist and Trump supporter.

Our View: Participate in local elections

In the United States, the pressure of voting seems to solely reside on presidential elections.

Our View: Millenials should be more active in voting

It seems that the push for voter registration is far stronger than ever before.

Our View: Character is as important as credentials

Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, is being investigated by the FBI after the Senate hearing that took place this past week.

Our View: Lax environmental policies create lasting damage

When it comes to climate change, we often look to the weather to predict what is eventually going to happen, using it as a map of past weather trends to analyze and compare.

Our View: Music industry should address mental health

With the recent tragic passing of Mac Miller, the conversation of drugs in the music industry has continued.

Our View: Speaking up is worth the risk

Nike’s new ad campaign, featuring famed NFL football player and protestor Colin Kaepernick, has sparked national outrage.

Our View: Don’t be confined by party lines

Arizona senator John McCain died earlier this month. After serving as a US Senator for over 30 years, he has been referred to as “America’s last true Republican”.

Our View: Put your money where you mouth is

The Catholic Church, year after year, has found itself in hot water after allegations of sexual assault continue to come out.