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Mike’s Movie Talk: The Dark Knight

Host Mike Myers and special guest Seth Chambliss discuss The Dark Knight. Tune in next time for Mike’s next movie review!

Seth’s Spins: Modern Vampires in the Studio

Host Seth Chambliss starts off season four with special guest Ben Samuels, talking about Vampire Weekend, Tyler the Creator, Hippo Campus and, to shake it up, Wes Anderson.

Trying Our Best | What’s in My Bag?

For the season premiere of Trying Our Best, we meet the show’s new host, Anna Rich! Our hosts, Zoe and Anna, show us what’s in their bags for the first month of school.

Mike’s Movie Talk: Jurassic Park

Join host Mike Myers and special guest Phillip Walker in their discussion of the classic film, Jurassic Park. Tune in next time for Mike’s next movie review!

Bursting the Bubble: Introducing New Hosts

Welcome back to Bursting the Bubble! Season 2 brings three new hosts: Raquel Luna, Cydney Maddox, and Jose Reyes. The three unpack their hopes and dreams for the podcast’s upcoming season.

2021 Viking Fusion High School Film Festival

Presentation of this year’s finalists for Viking Fusion’s High School Film Festival.

Bursting the Bubble: Looking back on the year

Tasha and Orlin look back on the first year of Bursting the Bubble and introduce the new hosts for next year.