Category: Entertainment

Who’s to Say Anything About Movies?

Shelby, Matt, Noah, and Alyssa talk about the movies that inspired them, favorite movies, and recommend some movies for you to watch!

Unpopular Critic Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

In the pilot, Host Stephen Schellhorn talks with Nathaniel Williams about the divisiveness of the popular movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. They discuss the highs and lows of the movie and what their overall thoughts were with the movie and series. Careful of the spoilers!

The Berry Good Life: Anaiah Rucker

Host Asa Daniels and Anaiah Rucker talk about how they met and what they’re thankful for.

Trying Our Best | Valentine’s Day

Katie Ott and Shelby Sims try different stereotypical Valentine’s Day things like sweets, chocolate, and even discussing their favorite romantic movies!

Who’s to Say Anything About Alyssa?

Shelby has been stolen and replaced by Zoe Robinson. She and the rest of the gang all talk about how much they love Alyssa and talk all about her life and how she exactly got here.

The Berry Good Life: Sam Perry and Jack Heerema

Host Asa Daniels talks to Sam Perry and Jack Heerema about their lives and time at Berry.

Who’s to Say Anything About Events on Campus?

Shelby, Alyssa, Noah, and Matt loosely talk about some of their favorite events on campus!

Trying Our Best | Bullet Journals

Shelby Sims and Katie Ott show off their bullet journals! They show you how they keep organized and give helpful tips in starting your own journal!

The Berry Good Life : Jacob Hunt

Host Asa Daniels talks to Berry student Jacob Hunt. He talks about his father, Disney, and all about his life.

Who’s To Say Anything About Our Semester?

Shelby, Matt, Noah, and Alyssa discuss their semester and how it went. They talk about what they learned and what they will do looking ahead to next semester.