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Student entrepreneur wins $6,000 for wine business

Student entrepreneur Nancy Belle Hansford won $6,000 for her business Watkinsville Wine at The Pitch on April 16th. Next, she hopes to use the money to purchase the licenses and a storefront to take her business to the next step.

Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership launches new podcast to reach students

Last month, the Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership, or BCIL, launched a new leadership podcast, one of several steps to increase student engagement. BCIL has recently expanded its staff and programming to help Berry students develop as leaders. In this news story, BCIL staff members explain the motivation behind these changes.

Tractor operator dunks blazing hay baler, prevents further damage

On Tuesday evening, students on Berry’s mountain campus reported that a large plume of black smoke had emerged in the distance, and that several emergency vehicles were rushing toward the area.

Student work changes: Goals of the renewed LifeWorks program

On October 25, 2019, an email from President Briggs to Berry faculty and staff provided new goals for the LifeWorks program, including changes to student work hours and pay; these are the facts.