Tractor operator dunks blazing hay baler, prevents further damage

By Ben Allee, Viking Fusion News Producer, and Anna Rich, Viking Fusion Studio Assistant

On Tuesday evening, students on Berry’s mountain campus reported that a large plume of black smoke had emerged in the distance, and that several emergency vehicles were rushing toward the area.

According to Director of Agricultural Operations Eddie Elsberry, a hay baler had caught fire while its operator was baling hay in a field along Possum Trot Road.

Elsberry said the tractor’s driver quickly dumped the hay out of the attached machine after he noticed it had caught fire. Then, to stop the fire from spreading to the tractor itself, the operator backed the baler into the pond nearby, extinguishing the flame.

As a result of the fire, Elsberry said the tractor only received a small amount of damage to its fender, though the baler was damaged beyond repair.

“We are thankful that the operator kept calm and prevented losing the tractor,” Elsberry said. “He did a great job and was quick to think of a way to prevent further loss.”

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