Patient tests positive for COVID-19 in Floyd, Berry president responds

By Ben Allee, Viking Fusion News Producer

MOUNT BERRY, Ga. —  A patient at Floyd Medical Center tested positive for Coronavirus COVID-19, according to a press release published by Floyd on Friday morning.

The patient, a 46-year-old woman, first arrived at the medical center with flu-like symptoms on Saturday, February 29, but did not receive further testing until she returned Monday with worsening symptoms.

Although the preliminary tests are positive, Floyd Medical is still waiting for final confirmation.

Hours after Floyd published the press release, Berry students, faculty and staff received an email from the office of President Briggs, informing the community of the case.

“To our knowledge, this individual is not member [sic] of the Berry College community,” Briggs wrote.

In the email, Briggs advised members of the Berry community to visit Berry’s COVID-19 webpage, and to contact specific resources if they develop symptoms.

Students are advised to immediately contact the student Health Center at 706-238-2267 if they develop a fever and other symptoms of respiratory illness. Faculty and staff at Berry should instead contact their primary care physician.

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