Students share their experiences, toll of COVID-19

By Ben Allee, Viking Fusion News Producer

Last week, Viking Fusion and the Campus Carrier released a survey asking Berry students how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them. 

Their responses show the consequences of the pandemic’s spread and its ramifications in the world of higher education, where institutions across the state and nation have transitioned to remote work. 


COVID-19 has changed the nature of life as a student, worker, and community member at Berry. What is the most significant way these changes have affected you?


How do you feel about the switch to online classes?


How has the COVID-19 situation uniquely affected you or those around you, even outside of your life as a Berry student?


What are you doing with all your spare time?

How do you feel about the pandemic (or society’s reaction to it) in general?


What are your thoughts on the response of educational institutions (or Berry in particular) to this situation?


Is there anything else, fact or opinion, related to the COVID-19 situation you would like to share?

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