Berry postpones commencement, asks seniors’ opinion on rescheduling

By Cassie LaJeunesse, Campus Carrier Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, the Berry community received an email from President Steve Briggs with updates to the previously published FAQ sheet. Among other information, the email included an answer to many seniors’ question: has a decision been made about commencement?

In response to this, the email announced that a commencement ceremony on May 9 will no longer be possible.

“Despite our fervent hopes, there is no realistic possibility of an on-campus Commencement ceremony on May 9th,” the email said. “We are looking at several other options for a possible on-campus ceremony.”

According to a survey that Provost Mary Boyd sent to seniors on Tuesday, there are four options for a later ceremony: an undetermined date in June or July, sometime over Mountain Day weekend or an undetermined date in December. The survey asked seniors to state their potential availability for the four options, as well as rank their preference of date and time for a rescheduled ceremony.

“We have heard from many of you regarding your great desire to have an opportunity to return to campus, celebrate with your friends and family, and mark this momentous occasion in a joyful recognition of your hard work and achievement,” the email said. “We believe it is important for you to have a say in this decision, so please let us know your preferences regarding the best date/time for an in-person commencement celebration this summer or fall.”

Boyd’s email and the FAQ email stress that transcripts will still reflect a graduation date of May 9 for all who have completed degree requirements by that date. Final transcripts will be available the week after May 9.

For more information on commencement, retrieving belongings from campus, refunds and more, refer to the FAQ email or visit

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