2020 Viking Fusion 48 Hour Film Challenge

Here were the parameters that must have been included in the films:

Theme: Quarantine
Genre: Film Noir
Line of dialogue: “Stop this dumb music!”
Time: 3-5 minutes (excluding end credits and bloopers)

2020 Submissions

Entry Name: Askew
Team Name: 20k teagues under the sc

Entry Name: Mail Day (Not eligible for judging)
Team Name: Beach House

Entry Name: Nog
Team Name: The Vanilla Ice Crew

Entry Name: A Self-Taught Detective
Team Name: The Fantastic Four


Entry Name: Stolen in Daylight
Team Name: Team Bos

Entry Name: The Cold Case
Team Name: Looney Houns

Entry Name: The Quarantine Board Game
Team Name: Robinson Fam


Entry Name: You can’t always get away with murder
Team Name: The Terribly Troubling Trio

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