BSA issues a collective statement to the Berry community

By Black Student Association

Dear Vikings,

As a group, the Black Student Association (BSA) would like to express a few shared sentiments and some notable differences regarding the current racial climate of our country. We, just like other communities, have varying backgrounds and opinions, but have found a common consensus toward the recent events. As young people of color, we are exhausted from seeing the repetition of violence against our people that, as history reminds us, has been the case for over 400 years. As some have expressed, we are deeply saddened at the consistent loss of life at the hands of those who are sworn in to protect “everyone.” Many are angered and frightened by what the future may hold for them as they continue to live in a nation that has yet, and seemingly refuses, to right its wrongs against marginalized groups of people, including African American people. Others of us feel hopeful and have resolved within ourselves that these protests across the world will finally be the catalyst for true change.

Conversations surrounding race, though we recognize them as uncomfortable, need to happen and should continue to happen until we see significant steps toward equality. However, from the vantage point of a minority group on campus, we want others to understand that we exist to encourage and educate. That plays a large role in combating institutionalized racism that we understand to be woven into our nation’s systems. As students we want to engage with the student body and emphasize that we need everyone on board to promote equality and true understanding.


Black Student Association (BSA)

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