By Ben Allee, Viking Fusion News Producer

Video by Madi Rowe, Viking Fusion Videographer

Photos by Megan Duncan, Viking Fusion Assistant News Producer, courtesy of the Campus Carrier

Each year in the second week of October, Berry College hosts campus-wide festivities culminating in Mountain Day, which celebrates the birthday of college founder Martha Berry. In light of COVID-19, traditional events such as the Mountain Day Grand March, pictured below, and Marthapalooza, above, required unique social distancing measures.

Students in the Grand March generally hold hands with one another as they parade along the grounds of mountain campus. This year, they held handkerchiefs between each other instead. In addition, those who rode attractions at Marthapalooza could not sit right next to other riders or stand too close to each other in lines.

In an interview with Viking Fusion at the march, President Briggs said administrators only decided to host Mountain Day in the weeks before the event.

“As we got two and three weeks out, particularly this last week as we were able to sort of do surveillance testing of the whole campus, we recognized that we could do it in a safe way,” Briggs said.

Dean of Students Lindsay Taylor said she was happy with the turnout for this year’s Grand March, even though the event was rescheduled to Wednesday due to inclement weather forecasts for the weekend.

“I think students have had great attitudes and spirits to make a tradition, a long-standing tradition, happen and make it as fun as we possibly can,” Taylor said.

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