COVID-19 cases at Berry: 2020-2021 end of year data

By Benjamin Allee, Viking Fusion News Producer and Nolan Scoretz, Viking Fusion Videographer

Below is a chart showing how many new cases of COVID-19 were reported among on-campus Berry residents throughout the 2020-2021 academic year.

In this chart, terms are defined as follows:

New Cases refers to how many new positive tests were reported to Berry College. This data was sourced from the Berry Confirmed Cases Report.

On-Campus Residents refers to Berry students, Berry employees such as faculty and staff, and WinShape employees. Berry community members that were not on-campus during their infection, which the Confirmed Case Report defines as 14 days, were not included in this data.

Date ranges for this data were selected based on the ranges provided by Berry’s Healthy Together Updates, which were regularly released via email each Thursday. These updates detailed how many new cases had been reported since the last update, encompassing a seven-day range.

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