Month: January 2023

ChatGPT: A Threat to Academic Integrity?

In recent years, we have seen tremendous advancements made in the field of AI. However, a new software utilizing AI has recently been used to write free essays for students, capturing the attention and concern of school faculty members.

BCC 100 helps students transition to college

Students discuss how BCC 100 has benefited them.

2023 48 Hour Film Challenge

Write, shoot and edit a short film in a weekend.  With teamwork and complete focus, you can make a cohesive and entertaining movie in an exceptionally short time frame- just 48 hours!

Is Anybody Out There? – Episode 2

Is Anybody Out There? is a limited horror series following radio host Alex Wells in the late 80s, as in the weeks leading up to Halloween, she begins to suspect a dark force is after her.

Trinity’s Beads And Things

Berry student starts their own jewelry business.

Staying safe during extreme weather: being aware and alert at Berry and at home

Sam Askew, Campus Carrier managing editor Katelynn Singleton, Campus Carrier editor-in-chief The weather has become increasingly severe, from the polar vortex that struck the country during Christmas weekend to the extreme rain and weather that […]

Berry connector could join Berry’s trails to Rome trail system

Across Rome, there are 16 miles of multiuse trails that have been advancing over the past few years. City Engineering is currently building a ramp that will connect the Mount Berry trail with the rest of the Rome trail system called ECO Greenway. With one more connecting piece, Berry students, faculty and staff could access the Mount Berry trail and entire Rome trail system through Berry school property.

Why I love just doing things “for funsies”

Katherine Harber, Campus Carrier copy editor Over the past few years, one of the most beneficial realizations I have come to about my life is how fulfilling it can be to do things for the […]

The fantasy genre teaches indispensable lessons

Mary Harrison, Campus Carrier sports editor I consider my love of fantasy to be a personality trait, fostered by years of playing epic “make-believe” games with my mom and being introduced to “The Chronicles of […]