2023 48 Hour Film Challenge

Genre: Drama
Line of dialogue: “I take great pride in my craft.”
Time: 3-5 minutes (excluding end credits and bloopers)


Judge’s Panel Winner: Hot Meat

Team: Bunkmates

Group Members: Phillip Walker, Matt Parks, Russell Hendley, Mike Myers, Kitty Nichols, Sachal Denney

Fan Favorite: Work from Home

Team: Roger Thomas

Group Members: Roger Thomas

2023 Submissions

A Knight’s Plight

Team: Sunday Morning Breakfast Crew

Group Members: Nolan Scoretz, Gabe Thompson, Eden Thompson, Kaeden Boyd, Amelia Ousley, Riley McCall


Team: Women In Film

Group Members: Parker Luellen, Anna Rich, Emma Buoni, Grace Lawrence, Maya Zamora, Peighton Williamson

Always & Forever

Team: Cacaw

Group Members: Clark Brannon, Josh Greene, Brayden Williams, Cooper Hunt, Trinity Haynes, Philip Kise

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