Viking Fusion 48 Hour Film Challenge

Here were the parameters that must have been included in the films:

Genre: Mockumentary
Line of dialogue: “Is this where you want it?”
Time: 4-8 minutes (excluding end credits and bloopers)

2019 Submissions

Team name: The Freshmen Team
Group members: Zoe Robinson, Stephen Schellhorn, Rachel Siler, Colton Wilson, Vanessa Fowler, Olivia Brown
Description: The ups and downs of college life are better with friends and OTP’s (or at least more entertaining).
Team name: Too Many Eyeballs
Group members: Beth Anne DeKeizer, Shelby Newland, Sara Arms, Shelby Sims, Jack Padgett
Description: Will she make it on time?
Team name: TwoPersonCrew
Group members: Ellie Harmon and Anna Falkenberry
Description: Follow a group of college drop outs on their endeavors upon the failure of their company.



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