Viking Fusion’s High School Film Festival

Each day this week, at 1pm, Viking Fusion will present one of the top five films from this year’s competition, with the winner being announced on Friday.

First Place:

“My Sophie” by Willow Newell, Gilmer High School

Second Place:

“Dementia” by Allison Peggs, North Paulding High School

Third Place:

“Benched” by Evyn Barron and Steven Yang, Lassiter High School

Honorable Mention:

“Morpheus Loop” by Jesse Queen, Gilmer High School

Honorable Mention:

“False Awakening” by Anish Narendrakumar, South Forsyth High School

One thought on “Viking Fusion’s High School Film Festival

  1. Big Congrats to all the winners!!! Y’all did a great job & wish everyone the best of luck in your future careers. Can someone tell me how many HS participated in this contest? Just wondering. Y’all stay safe and healthy.

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